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Sure, David has committed some deplorable and heinous acts against Kaiser specifically but we havent seen Lurch haul off and hit anyone. Those kids didn't ask to get brought into it, and if people started referring to my kid as "the bi-racial one" I can guarantee I'd be pretty peeved.

I just don't get it. Fuck yeah nude. Nathan griffith nude. Likeee who would want to fuck with him? Also, I wasn't trying to be offensive about David IS this person. I mean, this is classic psycho material right here, and it would draw police attention in any normal setting.

As long as enough people are watching, the madness continues. Maybe Jenelle and her effed up husband! Watch all the highlights in our video recap above! And this is just one of the reason's why you don't purposely try and get pregnant with someone you just started dating! I'm pretty sure Jim Bob beats off to visuals of his children giving side hugs to their potential mates.

She's very naturally pretty too IMO. She shared the following Snapchat from Nathan last night, and I'm going to say it's more than some picture he posted online, like Jenelle was claiming. I wish the TM2 girls would be like Amber and I think Maci for wanting Farrah off the show, and the other 3 girls come together and ban Jenelle's stupid ass.

They cant all be wrong Jenelle. Then she goes on to say he is in love with himself, and sent way more pics of himself than necessary shocker but nothing actually happened. Nobody will miss them. Free mobile lesbian milf porn. Had to google what that is, and yes, yes it does: This is beyond ridiculous. Stop giving them money. If you dare tell her the truth, her and David will feed you to the wolves. Eventually, he got up in the girl's face and they had to call security and he put up such a bitch fit with security about leaving his lone seat surrounded by people he didn't know that he got tazed.

Dead people means higher ratings! We have the ads because men stare at women. Same if you wore jeans and flip flops to work out. Not that Jenelle gives a damn about any of that.

You just got jealous cuz you felt both Barbara and Nathan are replacing you. And THEN bragging that he kisses his wife in front of them so he can brag to the kids 'and you cannot do this kissfront hug or even hold hands'. She is so obviously high, you can hear it in her voice. It was one of her biggest plot lines this season and was even the reason producers called the cops on her after she filmed this sit-down with Dr. Because she bases her entire self worth on her ability to tractor beam penises into her runway.

Google at your own risk!

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Jenelle is disgusting mentioning the girl has biracial children as if it's an insult or something so horrible. I normally have no pity for Jenelle because she brings this on herself and I still feel that way but seriously, Nathan is just as bad as she is.

Eventually, he got up in the girl's face and they had to call security and he put up such a bitch fit with security about leaving his lone seat surrounded by people he didn't know that he got tazed. Mom fuck nude. Leah driving totally wasted with her kids in the car. D she and the kids are the only reason i watch now.

The kids were all there playing with each other. Jenelle is probably somewhere feeling sorry for herself I wonder if there really will be a 6th season or if they will just make season 5B the 6th? Kids are seeing these two act like maniacs! One night, Nathan decided that he wanted to hook up with Nayla, but Nayla denied him saying that she wasn't going to be a part of that, and that she was cautious of how Nathan was acting.

I posted before reading! Nathan will Permalink Submitted by Nathan's Wander Isn't there an episode or deleted scene when he was calling Jenelle little miss piggy while she was eating? That is actually disgusting: No, not at all. Block Jenelle out of her life.

I went to an Amanda Palmer show there and it was general admission so there weren't assigned seats. We all seen her get smutted by Kieffer http: All MTV cares about are ratings.

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I think Jenelle has plum lost her mind. They might be nice guys, but they still are animals. Nathan griffith nude. And usually requires Valtrex. Free nude granny pictures. Or is Jenelle completely delusional. By the way, we need to Duggar blog! It just seems like one bad boy douche after the next or the same dude over and over again helllooo Adam. Nathan's recent nude selfie could possibly be a ploy to entice her. IDK I hope Kaiser is okay. The only people I feel bad for here are Jace and the Bun because they didn't ask to be part of Jenelle's extremely deluded state of constant crisis.

That was a really shitty thing to tell someone. But this might not be just another selfie.

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I see no rational reason why it wouldn't extend to her child. Yeah, he basically called his mom fat to her face on the Being Nathan special. Amateur girls licking ass. Non-Teen Mom related flairs will be removed. This season, Leah had a scare when daughter Aleeah needed to be tested for muscular dystrophy, which twin sister Ali has. Please keep in mind: Now I'm sure Babs will be raising that kid within a year.

Maybe you should just work on stretching those brain cells you have left so you can remember to breathe and walk at the same time and stand still while your mom shaves your back, Nathan. Nathan griffith nude. Jenelle and David suck but he's growing into a sweet little boy whereas I could see Nathan pressuring him to be "tough" and "manly" wayyy more than Jenelle and David would. Gym naked women Then, once she's tired of playing house with Nathan, off to Barbara's house he goes. I guess in janelle's case that would be nickels though.

A human sperm plus a human egg makes a human baby, leave it at that. Also, Jenelle told Barb that Barb was no longer her mother so how can Jenelle get mad at Barb for hugging someone else?

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